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Ronald Johnson making a strong impression at the Senior Bowl

Just a quick note on RoJo...

Ronald Johnson from USC is probably the most well-rounded wideout on the South. He high-pointed one ball, reached behind him to make a difficult catch on another. His routes are polished and crisp, and he sells his fakes well.

Good to see he is making some noise.

On the other hand things are different for Kristofer O'Dowd...

USC C/G Kris O’Dowd is very lacking in base strength. He got pushed backwards on almost every rep and was unable to get much surge in run blocking. He just doesn’t have the strength to turn shoulders or seal a seam.

This should not be a surprise as there were numerous times that USC's run blocking schemes looked atrocious at times throughout the season.

Regardless, I am glad to see our guys out there...