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Neuheisel's hot seat even hotter?

We all know that the guy across town if flirting with disaster, and after three years at the helm of the Bruins' program, time isn't on his side. 4-8 in the third year isn't going to win over too many people. Nonetheless, I found these remarks from UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero rather interesting. From Simers' column this morning:

A year ago Neuheisel changed offensive approaches when things weren't going well and brought in the "pistol." This time around he's changing offensive coordinators.

"Rick knows there is maybe one shot to straighten this thing out,'' says Guerrero, and as turnarounds go, this is the same AD who laughed off a columnist's suggestion at the start of last season that anyone would be better for the job than Neuheisel.

One more shot, huh?