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What will YOU do?

With USC set to appear before the NCAA this weekend to appeal the NCAA's sanctions I think now is the time set some expectations.

I have been vocal in the past that USC will likely not get any relief from the draconian ruling handed down back in June.

It doesn't matter whether we think the ruling is unfair or disproportionate. It doesn't matter that the NCAA went against its own fair process rules essentially making it up as they went along. It doesn't matter that the level of conflict of interest on the COI from people like Missy Conby stinks to high heaven.

All that matters is what will the outcome be?

I am staying true to early prediction that nothing will be reduced. And based on comments from AD Pat Haden he feels the same way...and to top it all off, based also on Haden's comments, the school will apparently NOT seek relief in the courts.

All that being said, there is one very important question that needs to be asked...

What will you do if the sanctions are not reduced?

We all have varying opinions on the course of action the school should take but in the end they have the final say.

Regardless of the outcome I think they have a grander plan, not necessarily with regards to the sanctions but in simply moving on.

So, what will you do?

This isn't about the process. We all know how bad it is. Many of us disagree, some vehemently, about the apparent strategy of appeasement that the school has taken.

This is not about that.

If the outcome is not what we hope, will you circle the wagons and support the schools decision to move on, unequivocally supporting USC?

Or will you point fingers and start the blame game?

I ask this because LOI day is just a couple of weeks away. This will be one of the most important recruiting classes this program has ever put together. How we conduct ourselves in the face of this could send a very strong message in how others view USC and its supporters at a very critical time.

And trust me, many different people will be watching.

Put another way (I saw this elsewhere)...will you still support her, or will you finish the job the NCAA started and help burn down Troy yourself?

Food for thought...