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Pat Haden: "This is the final frontier"

With USC's appeal hearing a little over two weeks away, many have asked what happens if the NCAA doesn't reduce the sanctions.

Pat Haden answered that question today...

The recent NCAA cases at Auburn and Ohio State will not affect USC's upcoming appeal with the NCAA, Trojans athletic director Pat Haden said Wednesday.


"A lot of people say it's going to help you -- I don't think so," Haden said. "I don't think it helps or hurts us; I think it's irrelevant."


Decisions made by the NCAA appeals committee are typically final, and Haden said Wednesday USC would not pursue any additional appeals or legal action if the original decision were upheld.

"This is it," Haden said. "There is no appeal after this.

"This is the final frontier."

My gut tells me that this is just window dressing.

There are all sorts of rumors out there about what may happen, but I only bet on sure things...and the sure thing is nobody knows what USC will do until the ruling is actually handed down.

Nobody knows what is going on behind the scenes and what USC's plan really is.

Maybe they will just roll over and accept the ruling but until the final verdict is in it is all speculation.

We have all read the possibilities but I think it is safe to say that Haden is saying all the right things until the appeal is heard and ruled upon...why ruffle feathers? I mean come on, Haden and Nikias didn't travel to Indianapolis to meet with the NCAA just for a meet and greet.

They have a plan, but very few know about it and the rest is just to make things look good.

I look at this like I look at the recruiting one is on board until their signature is on the form in Heritage Hall.

I am just going to ride it out until the final word is in...