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Cry me a river...

I guess some across town are not happy about 'SC's win last night...

USC players standing at midcourt with 40 seconds left in the Trojans' 63-52 victory against UCLA on Sunday night at the Galen Center laughing, exchanging high fives, waving to a sold-out crowd.

"A slap in the face," Smith said.

"You already know you've won the game, there's no need to celebrate like that with 40 seconds left. Let the clock run out, go celebrate in the locker-room."

But the Trojans were in a hurry to celebrate a fourth consecutive victory against their cross-town rival and a night the Bruins won't soon forget.

"We'll remember this feeling," UCLA guard Jerime Anderson said. "To see them out there celebrating like that. They could have waited. It's like whatever to me."


Win the game and this isn't a problem.