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No Decision Made Regarding Bush's Heisman

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Well, I'm sure many of you are surprised, but Yahoo! looks as if it was a little premature in reporting that the Heisman Trust had decided to strip 2005 winner Reggie Bush of his Heisman Trophy. Gery Klein of the LA Times is reporting that no decision has been made regarding the possibility of taking the prestigious award away from Bush:

Heisman spokesman Tim Henning told The Times, "The Heisman Trophy Trust has yet to make a decision, and until such time they do we have no further comment."

In July, USC removed its copy of Bush's Heisman from Heritage Hall and announced that it was returning it to the Heisman Trophy Trust. Under the terms of NCAA sanctions, USC must disassociate itself from Bush.

Granted, many of us aren't overly concerned about Bush at this point in time, but this would be an unprecedented move by the Trust.

Never before have they ever revoked the Heisman from a player in the award's 75-year history. By doing so with Bush, would they now take action in regards to other players who received "extra" benefits? Charles Woodson is a name that comes to mind.

It'd be opening another can of worms, and it's certainly a valid question of whether they want to deal with such a potential mess.