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Pac-10 Rankings - Week 1

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It wasn't exactly a banner opening weekend for the Pac-10 as a whole. Two teams, Oregon State and Washington, lost to teams from the Mountain West Conference, and if it wasn't for Oregon's 72-0 demolition of New Mexico, the conference would have been winless against the MWC. Furthermore, UCLA debuted its pistol offense on the road against Kansas State, yet the results looked eerily similar to seasons prior, as they ended up losing by a score of 22-31. Oh, and in case you were wondering, Washington State still isn't very good.

So, for now, here's our best guess of the conference pecking order, with a question or two attached.

1.) Oregon - Did they merely benefit from playing a team like New Mexico, or are the 72 points scored a sign of things to come?

2.) Arizona - Does any team in the conference sport better helmets than these white ones? Oh, Nick Foles is pretty good too.

3.) USC - That defense has to get better, right?

4.) Oregon State - After another early September loss to a top-25 team, has Oregon State reached the ceiling under Mike Riley?

5.) Stanford - Don't belittle a win over Sacramento State. Remember UC Davis?

6.) California - So do Bay Area schools not believe in opening the season against FBS schools?

7.) Washington - Does Steve Sarkisian not realize he has the most talented quarterback in the country?

8.) UCLA - Kansas State is simply a Big XII powerhouse, so they shouldn't be worried, right?

9.) Arizona State - Has a Dennis Erickson-coached team ever been more irrelevant nationally? They did drop 54 on Portland State on Saturday, though.

10.) Washington State - Wasn't there supposed to be at least some signs of improvement in year three of the Paul Wulff era?