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Kreuter Firing Wasn't Solely Haden's Decision

Granted, we may be just five days away from the biggest game on the gridiron Saturday against Washington in a nationally televised home date, but Kendall Rogers of Yahoo! Sports has some interesting tidbits from Heritage Hall regarding the baseball side of things. Regarding the firing of manager Chad Kreuter, Yahoo! Sports notes the following:

The decision to part ways with Kreuter made sense. Frankly, it was surprising the Trojans waited so long to make a change. Claiming to be visionaries, they were left with no choice but to sever ties with Kreuter after the Trojans failed to make an NCAA postseason appearance and ended last season with a dismal 28-32 record.

"Kreuter did some nice things at USC, especially on the academic side, but this was something that was in the works when I took the job," Haden said. "I hated to have to make that type of decision a few days after taking over, but I didn't want our recruits that were drafted making a decision on whether to sign without knowing who would be in charge of the program."

Rather interesting, since it was widely reported, at least initially, that Haden was the man behind the Kreuter firing, earning him tons of praise from the message board geeks. Subsequently, if Haden's wasn't solely responsible for the decision to let Kreuter walk, how much does this change the perception of him?

I'm not sure it does, or even should, but nonetheless, it does raise the question as to whether Haden is as proactive as many have labeled him to be.

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