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USC vs. Washington State - 2nd Half Thread

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As the venerable uscpsycho just put it: "Convincing #USC wins... R.I.P."

He has a point. Judging by the early part of the 2010 season, it appears as if the days of dominating 'SC wins on the gridiron are a thing of the past.

Thus far, the Trojans have 3 turnovers and have failed to capitalize on various scoring opportunities. A Matt Barkley interception in the red zone. A missed field goal at the end of the first half.

These things need to get sorted out.

There is no way 'SC can travel to Palo Alto or Corvallis, Oregon, and expect to cost to victories if they consistently commit 15-yard penalties and fumble the ball on key possessions.

Situationally, they've made nice plays. A Matt Barkley-to-Robert Woods touchdown. A 59-yard touchdown run by Stanley Havili. A long, methodical drive capped off by an Allen Bradford touchdown.

These need to happen with more regularity, though. We'll see if any changes are made. They aren't that far away.

For now, feel free to post your thoughts below. This is the 2nd half thread.