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USC beats Hawaii but the defense has a lot of work to do

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Well, it sure wasn't pretty.

USC finally got back on the field after a brutal offseason. The result was a win but, it was an eye opener.

The lack of tackling in camp was an issue but the fact that most of the secondary has barely played was also part of it. There is no excuse for the lack of discipline that we saw tonight. There were too many offsides calls on the D line. Casey should have known better on that late hit on the QB in the 2nd qtr. I am more forgiving on the PI calls in the secondary but not the missed tackles.

We can debate affect of the the lack of tackling in the preseason but I think it is safe to say that will change next week. The team will go on full pads.

Matt Barkley, Marc Tyler and Ronald Johnson were the offense tonight with Rhett Ellison getting some key receptions. The Ausberry TD was a thing of beauty. The offense looks good but still has some work to do.

So, where are we at?

I laughed at Bob Davie trying to make a comparison to the 2008 defense. Please, that was a special group that were mostly upper classmen. There are mostly under classmen on this defense who have barely seen the field with any meaningful playing time.

The Tampa 2 gives up a lot of yards but it also depends on the defense keeping the opposing offense out of the end zone.'SC having to see this type of offense early in the season will go a long way to defending the spread later on in the season. the question is will they learn from tonight. So, the team has a lot of work to do on defense. Monte Kiffin is about to earn his paycheck...

Whomever said the defense was ahead of the offense at this point in the season is nuts...(Wolf).

I can't wait to read the papers tomorrow...or Saturday because the game is ending so late.

We'll have more tomorrow.

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