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USC vs. Hawaii 2nd Half Thread

Well things were looking good before that Hawaii TD near the end of the half. But Barkley lead 'SC down for an answering score.

Only to then see Hawaii go down and almost score a TD at the end of the half. That was a call that 'SC was lucky to have go their way.

Remember this is still a young team. The lack of hitting in practice is very apparent in how the defenders are tackling.

Which is not very well at all...

'SC is still working out the kinks on defense. As expected the secondary is young and still getting comfortable. They have to be better on their coverage....and on their tackling. They are picking on Robey like I thought they would but he needs to get his chops busted a bit to get some experience.

The offense is chugging along with a few issues. Barkley was looking good there for a while but then he started forcing a few things towards the end of the 2nd qtr.

There are still a few mental mistakes I am seeing in poor tackling, way too many offsides penalties, etc. I am not sure what going for two 3 times in a row was all about...I am sure we will hear about it for a while though.

It looks like we will see a lot of players tonight, as everyone will get some reps.

Lets see if we can build on the good in the first half.

This is the second half thread...