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GameDay Open Thread USC vs. Hawaii

New USC t-shirts. It's Gameday: Fight On!
New USC t-shirts. It's Gameday: Fight On!

I can't believe I just typed that in the title box.

The season is upon us. Now all we have to focus on is football. The past eight months have been a bear to deal with at times but that is all in the past.

This game is bigger than you know. 'SC needs to win big. Lose or play like crap and it could all go down hill from here.

I think 'SC will win but we have been upset before. It is hard to tell how the lack of contact during camp will affect the team as well as all the off field stuff that is constantly out there.

You know the guys are anxious to get out there and beat the hell out of someone but they still need to keep their cool and not play out of their heads in a bad way.

I am usually a nervous wreck on game day but today I'm not. I don't know why and I am not going to try and read into it. But it is probably because my mind is so focused on work right...its what I do.

So join us here!

I will be on and off will be 11PM here when the game starts and I have a pretty busy day tomorrow so I may catch a few cat naps.

Lets get 'em boys!!