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Old, Grumpy Fulmer Takes Shot at Kiffin

Phillip Fulmer isn't in the best of spirits nowadays, and that's perfectly understandable. He was essentially fired as the head coach at Tennessee following a sub-par 2008 despite already bringing the first BCS national championship to Rocky Top a decade earlier. Now, his lone responsibility is to sit around the CBS College Sports Network studio and provide his two-cents on various college football-related topics. Bitterness may be a fitting term for a guy who longs for Saturdays where roamed the sidelines of Neyland Stadium instead of sitting in a studio. His comments yesterday on the pregame show for Florida-Tennessee, reveal as much:

On the CBS halftime show, Fulmer said the people of Tennessee felt betrayed by Kiffin when he left Knoxville "with basically his hat in his hand and a bunch of NCAA compliance questions.

"And often his arrogant attitude turned people off. The bigger question in my opinion is how does a guy like this end up with two jobs with historic football teams like Tennessee and USC?"

So much for moving on.

It's disappointing to see such remarks from Fulmer. I think in large part, the Tennessee fanbase has moved on and started worrying more about Derek Dooley and the 2010 Vols as opposed to simply making snarky Kiffin comments. Maybe Fulmer should do the same.