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Bush Says Forfeiture Not an Admission of Guilt

You can hit the laugh track now. Per the Associated Press:

Reggie Bush says his decision to relinquish his Heisman Trophy is not an admission of guilt.

The former USC running back says he didn't want to give up his title as the 2005 Heisman winner but felt it was the best way to silence negative talk surrounding his association with the award. He says his decision stemmed from his respect for the Heisman Trophy Trust and all other Heisman winners.

Bush says he hopes putting the matter behind him allows him to focus more on football. He says he remains dedicated to helping the defending champion New Orleans Saints win more Super Bowls.

For four years, Bush has adamantly denied any wrongdoings, and despite the recent NCAA sanctions, has not lessened his previous stance regarding his innocence in this whole mess. That's why his relinquishing of the Heisman Trophy on Tuesday was such a significant event; it was the first time he showed a glimpse of contrition. Whether or not he meant it remains irrelevant. For once, it seemed to suggest that even Bush could admit that mistakes were made during his time spent at 'SC.

That is why thse latest comments are a bit odd. Nobody is really going to believe them. Seriously. If Bush was truly the victim in an extortion case started by Lloyd Lake and Michael Michaels, he wouldn't be turning in his Heisman. He'd be fighting to keep it.

As much as we criticize Bush nowadays (for good reason), he isn't an idiot. And if you still want to doubt that, take note that he pays thousands of dollars for legal advice. They have to be advising him to do something. This isn't all just Reggie.

As a result, I find it hard to believe that Bush is simply making these statements on a whim. These things have to be extremely well calculated and pre-meditated. There's a lot of money at stake, particularly for Bush, and he isn't going to do anything to jeapordize his monetary earning. He didn't back then, and he certainly won't now.