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Reggie Bush is a COWARD!

Lets face it, Reggie Bush giving back his Heisman was solely to protect his endorsement money. It is a PR move pure and simple.

Reggie Bush has shown absolutely no concern for USC. All this crap that he is saying in his statement is no different than anyone else who got caught and is trying to clear their name. Anything to mollify the public in order to throw himself on the mercy of the "court".

Reggie is a greedy sociopath plain and simple.

While USC the institution has disassociated themselves from Bush the fans and alums who supported Reggie and his greedy family are left holding the bag for his actions.

Reggie isn't all that. He doesn't even have the stones to apologize and give us details of his wrong doing.

He burned his homies Lloyd Lake and Michael Michaels when he decided to sign elsewhere.

He promised us that it would all come out the he did nothing wrong...obviously that was not the case.

He made money off winning the Heisman yet he won't forfeit that.

But what pisses me off more than any thing is that Reggie ran...he hid.

He wimped out.

He played this charade for over four years, saying nothing. He let USC take the bullet for his greed and when he had the chance to clear the university he kept silent. He has let Todd McNair twist in the wind with his silence.

But when his endorsements looked to be in jeopardy he rolls over and gives in?

You mean he isn't going to fight this?!

What a pussy!

Once again USC is humiliated because of his greed.

He wouldn't pay off those two clowns and because of it he will end up losing more than just money, taking down USC in the process. Many of us would have forgiven Bush for taking money. Many of us understand the hypocrisy of the NCAA and even though its against the rules people get it. But Reggie's hubris and refusal to protect his own legacy as well as USC's legacy put us where we are today.

He couldn't keep it under wraps...he couldn't tell Lamar to shut his fucking mouth.

I hope he loses his endorsements. I hope New Orleans Saints fans get to see Reggie for what he really is... a selfish prick who only does things to make himself look better. Its too bad they bought into Reggie hook line and sinker.

I hope this is final chapter in all of this. I hope we can now move on and forget Reggie. I could care less about his career. I could say more about that but I won't.

Right now, as I type this, Pat Haden is commenting on this at Heritage Hall....let us hope that this will be the last time that ANYONE from USC has to address this sorry situation let alone ever recognize Reggie for anything other than what he really is...

A greedy, self-absorbed clown.