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Kiffin: "They Outcoached us today..."

I still don't have an explanation for this puzzling comment...

"I kind of feel like we lost," Kiffin said. "They outcoached us today ... I would say we were outcoached.

"I hope you can tell the disappointment. We're not getting it done. It's the most miserable 2-0 locker room I've been in, which is good. We need to get better. All of a sudden we might lose a game like this."

Kiffin's mood changed little Sunday evening after watching Virginia game films.

"I'm still very disappointed," he said.

I still haven't read a single solid reason as to why he feels this way.

Barkley was wild in his throws, even in single coverage. The running game could not really get going because UVA stacked the box (because Barkley couldn't exploit the down field coverage). The defense was better but didn't really get as much pressure on the QB as we would have liked all for the talent we have and then of course there were the penalties.

I understand this new found approach of humbleness but the self-flogging bothers me. I just don't get this comment without a more thorough explanation.

If somebody saw something different that backs up statement please show me where it is...