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USC 17 UVA 14 - The Great Escape!!

Lets not too excited with this win tonight. This was not pretty.

This is going to be a long season.

There were some flashes of what could be on offense (and a little bit on defense) but we are not there yet.

Not even close...

The defense looked better....but still very undisciplined. That's embarrassing. Discipline was supposed to have improved...obviously that is not the case. The offense looked OK, but Barkley made some terrible throws tonight. The idea that we had to hit home runs against a lacking secondary when all you had to do was dink and dunk or run the ball a little bit more was a bit of head scratcher.

I am not sure what Lane Kiffin was thinking with some of the play calling tonight...

Robey had good night, not great, as did Tyler. I liked what I saw from Dillon Baxter. He has some nice moves as he is getting a feel for this level of play.

The O-Line did a nice job of protecting Barkley and Barkley had a very nice pocket presence in eluding the pressure that did come his way. I am just disappointed in some of Barkley's throws...not necessarily his decision making. SOmething is up with his throwing mechanics.

SC is going to have some games as the season goes on if they don't fix the problems on defense fast. The way they checked out at the end of the game is a bit disconcerting...I know they were gassed but UVA should not have been able to get that score at the end. That was embarrassing...for all of us.

Of course, if we didn't commit so many penalties this game would have never been in question.

I don't know what to say...

Fire Away!

This is our post game thread.