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Knoxville...We have a problem

Somewhere in Southern California... Lane Kiffin is chuckling right now... and Kevin O'Neill is giving him a high-five. #Volsless than a minute ago via web

Gnossos linked to this in the FanShots but I wanted to weigh in...

I got a chuckle out of this. The NCAA is on a tear right now, taking out their new found authority out for a spin.

I guess we won't be hearing form many UT fans going least not with this front and center. Some of charges are pretty damning. It's never the original crime...its always the cover up that nails you in the end.

This has to be a kick in the teeth to read this, of course its a jab at Kiffin but we're used to it...

To Vols fans, Bruce Pearl has been the proud, shining light in an otherwise dark, embarrassing era. And now this. Wow. Just ... wow.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Welcome to the club gents...