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The USC Offense: The Battle Rages on at the Wide Receiver spot

OK, I am back from vacation and back in the game...we are are only three days away!

Just a quick note from the OCR about the wide receivers...

Last week it was announced that Freshman Robert Woods would be starting on the other side of the field from Ronald Johnson. That has to be a pretty heady feeling for woods but he is in no way taking it for granted.

One reason freshman receiver Robert Woods is starting for USC is that he's wise beyond his years. He not only knows to look over his shoulder for the football but to see if anyone's gaining on him.

"I feel like I have to keep working because Brice came out here and had a great day," Woods said. "The competition is always on here."

Brice would be Brice Butler, the redshirt sophomore whose job Woods commandeered during training camp. Butler responded to Friday's release of the depth chart – which had him backing up Woods – with a standout practice performance Sunday, including three touchdowns.

Butler will not back down. He knows he see some significant playing time but he wants to start. Woods is living up to all we expected from he has to do it on the field.

I have no doubt that he will live up to those expectations as well.

We have talked about this freshman class before but Gary Klein ties it up pretty nicely...

Robert Woods came to USC confident that he would play and contribute right away.

Turns out, the freshman could be the first Trojan to touch the ball this season when USC plays its opener Thursday at Hawaii.

Woods is a starting kick returner and also will start at receiver. And he's one of several players Coach Lane Kiffin and his staff are counting on to play large roles despite their inexperience.

Remember when we used to hear during Pete Carroll's tenure that if a recruit was good enough to lay as a freshman he would?

I think that "old" saying is about to be tested abut I am pretty confident that some of these guys will respond. There will of course still be some questions and we will see some mistakes but in the face of all this program has been through in 2010 some of the "kids" will play like hardened veterans...

Regardless of the outcome or results, it is going to be fun to watch!