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Taylor King's USC Future Suddenly in Doubt

Last week, there was some speculation on many of the USC basketball message boards out there, suggesting that Villanova transfer Taylor King would not be transferring to USC after it was widely reported by ESPN and FOXSports that the Southern California native would be returning to the west coast. Now, according to Pedro Moura of, it doesn't appear as if King will be arriving at USC anytime soon:

It looks like Taylor King won't be a Trojan after all.

The former Santa Ana Mater Dei, Duke and Villanova forward announced earlier this month that he had decided to transfer to USC, but internet reports surfaced over the last several days questioning whether the 6-foot-6, 230-pound Orange County native would end up actually attending USC.

Those reports were confirmed Tuesday morning.

"As far as we know, Taylor King is not planning to come to USC," a spokesperson for the basketball team said.

This shouldn't and likely won't have a drastic impact on the basketball program. Because he has already used his redshirt in transferring from Duke to Villanova following the 2007-2008 season, King would only be eligible to play one season at USC.

'SC will move on and be fine going forward, but as for King, he's running out of options.