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J.K. McKay...the man behind the curtain

J.K. McKay speaks with the media earlier this Summer. (Photo Credit: Orange County Register)
J.K. McKay speaks with the media earlier this Summer. (Photo Credit: Orange County Register)

I caught this article by Bill Dwyer on Sunday about J.K. McKay.

As we all know Haden and McKay have been inseparable for years. Their friendship is one of those that we all hope to have with people in our own lives.

On the serious side, it is a relationship of two 57-year-old men with unwavering respect for each other.

McKay says, "I don't think, in all these years, that we've ever had a disagreement."

Haden says, "I trust him completely."

On the less serious side, they are also unwavering in their pursuit of ways to rip each other. McKay calls his boss the "short quarterback." Haden calls McKay the "employee."

McKay says the touchdown catch in the Rose Bowl was due to his superior athletic skills. Haden says the ball hit him in the hands.

But the respect never stops filtering through the rips and jabs.

This will be about the only article you will read about McKay of any substance. He likes to work behind the scenes from what I have heard from some that I have spoken to. Make no mistake, keeping Lane Kiffin out of the spotlight is higher priority than this article states.

McKay will be Kiffin's shadow...or more like a Nun in Catholic school, ready to rap his knuckles for the smallest infraction. I see it as tough love. They all have the same goals but someone has to play the bad cop.

Anyway, nothing earth shattering but I did want to give this article some attention...

On a side note...I am away on vacation this week down at the beach with crummy internet access (I'm surprised I even got this to post). Joey is getting settled in back on campus so we will do our best to keep things rolling. So, I will be posting a lot of FanShots and a lot quick hit posts during this week...