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Where I Come From: Memorable USC Moments

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This post is sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011.

It's been a fun week here for ParagonSC and me, as we've had the opportunity to recap some of our favorite things about USC football - tailgating traditions, players, and legendary teams. In the fifth installment of the series, I'll post some of my favorite USC moments that I've witnessed over the years. While there are certainly enough special games and performances to create a series of its own, I'll try and limit this to just ten personal favorites of mine. The down side of that, because of my age, I've only really been following USC football since the late-90s so I felt it wouldn't have been authentic if I included clips from Anthony Davis or the 1988 season. I never witnessed those events first hand, so my top ten is going to seem rather recent. As a result, feel free to discuss your favorite moments in the comments section below.

Without further delay, here's my top ten in no particular order.

1. Bush seals the Heisman (2005: USC 50 Fresno State 42)

2. Leave No Doubt (2005: USC 55 Oklahoma 19)

3. Barkley Shines in the Shoe (2009: USC 18 Ohio State 15)

4. Williams to Leinart (2004: USC 28 Michigan 14)

5. Toppling the SEC (2003: USC 23 Auburn 0)

6. Carroll vs. Neuheisel (2009: USC 28 UCLA 7)

7. Palmer's Final Game (2004: USC 38 Iowa 17)

8. Bush's Coming Out Party (2004: USC 24 Virginia Tech 13)

9. My first Rose Bowl (1996: USC 41 Northwestern 32)

(note: I couldn't find a video with USC highlights, but this was the first Rose Bowl/USC game I remember watching so I had to include it)

10. The Bush Push (2005: USC 34 Notre Dame 31)