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Byron Moore Leaving USC

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Well, you can add redshirt freshman cornerback/safety Byron Moore to a growing list of players, including Jordan Campbell and Malik Jackson, transferring from USC. The Carson native, who was expected to compete for playing time in USC's young secondary - possibly as a nickel corner - in 2010, will be enrolling at nearby Los Angeles Harbor College in Wilmington, California.

While it's already been speculated that his decision was based on the NCAA sanctions, that is reportedly not the case according to his father Byron Moore Sr.

In a text message sent to some media outlets, the elder Moore said that the recent NCAA decision was not a guiding force in his son's decision to leave.

"Yes it's true," Moore said via text message. "He wants a fresh start."

As a freshman, Moore is unable to transfer to a Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) school without sitting out a season. This rule, however, is waved for seniors and juniors due to the 2-year bowl ban. Moore, though, would not sit out a season by enrolling at Harbor College.

After losing its entire secondary from 2009 to the NFL this past April, USC's secondary looks dangerously thin moving forward. Moore was a bit of a wild card, but with player turnover continuing and with the scholarship limitation, this isn't the opportune time to be losing players, whether they were expected to contribute significantly or not.

Regardless, we wish him the best moving forward.