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Bitterness From Rocky Top Still Apparent

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Well, it appears as if Tennessee administrators are dreading the start of the Derek Dooley era even more so than previously thought, as they appear to be still hung up on their old coach Lane Kiffin. He must be pretty good, right? Per Bruce Feldman's twitter feed:

Weeks ago, Vols faxed over a list of every JR & SR on USCs roster to the Trojans' compliance office to alert them of their recruiting plan.

Once again, this just goes to show the insanity that exists over there on Rocky Top. For starters, SEC transfer rules permit any SEC school from recruiting a senior who has yet to earn his undergraduate degree. Yes, C.J. Gable would be allowed to transfer to a school such as Tennessee, but guys like Ronald Johnson, Mitch Mustain, or Shareece Wright, would not be eligible to do so under the current set of rules. So why would they be included on the list?

Faxing this list over to USC, means two things. One, Tennessee is not aware of the transfer rules, which is a little disheartening from a group that was so critical of Kiffin for his NCAA violations. Secondly, they know the rules, yet are so caught up in the whole post-Kiffin drama that they sent the thing as a big "F.U." to 'SC. It's one thing for fans to be bitter, but it's another thing when actual administrators within the athletic department behave this way.

It's pathetic whichever way you look at it. At the end of the day, it'd just be nice for these people to get a grip.

Seriously, Kiffin left in January. It's now July!