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USC news and Notes for 7/29

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Just a few links to get the day started...

It was Lane Kiffin all the time yesterday with Day 2 of the Pac-10 Media Event. Yesterday everyone was at ESPN headquarters.

Here is a recap of Kiffin's interview with Colin Cowherd yesterday

Here are two videos from One with Kiffin from the W Hotel on day 1 and one with Rick Neuheisel discussing the rivalry between USC and UCLA.

Here is the OCR's opponent preview of UCLA.

Here is who the OCR thinks will win when the two teams play...

CFB HOF'er John Robinson continues to be a mentor to young men.

I found this interesting...aTm could be the tipping point in the ultimate success of the new Big 12. They are already making sure that they get their 20 million as payback for keeping the conference together. It seems that aTm is a little cash strapped...this whole thing will collapse under its own weight because of the disproportionality of how the money will be split up...

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Joey and Julio will be at the Rose Bowl today for the west coast swing of the Pac-10 Media event. We may put up an open thread for those of you who will want to comment. I may be a live online least I thought I saw one, I have to do some more research.

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I am hopping to get Part 2 of my time with Lane Kiffin posted sometime today. I will have my interviews of Rick Neuheisel and Steve Sarkisian tomorrow or Saturday. Things are a little busy with work this week.