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USC News and Notes for 7/28

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Lots of stuff out there today so lets get to it...

Bill Plaschke thinks Kennedy Pola is worth the trouble . I don't disagree in Plaschke's reasoning on the hire but in making his points he takes a swipe at Pete Carroll and attempts to undermine Lane Kiffin. I really am not interested in living in the past with regards to Pete Carroll. He has moved on, we have moved on, so why not just enjoy the good memories and leave the past at the side of the road.

In his attempt to write a "positive" piece about USC Plaschke just can't resist in taking the pot shots that he does.

As for Kiffin, I really don't understand his point...Kiffin is the coach now. Who knows what the future holds. Depending on which rumor you believe it really doesn't matter if Pat Haden signed off on Kiffin's hiring or not...he is here now so play the hand you are dealt. I won't speculate on it and I won't try to be a fortune teller either. All Plaschke needs to understand is that USC is positioned very well to weather the storm of the NCAA's sanctions. It won't be easy but 'SC is in a much better place than other schools would be if the same fate befell them...

'SC needs to deal with the here and now. Living in the past doesn't help the team moving into the future.

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Keeping with Pola for a brief moment...Lane Kiffin said yesterday that he was surprised with the lawsuit that the Titans filed.

To me this is the Money quote...

Pola's hiring "was done no differently than any we did at SC or Tennessee. I didn't anticipate this. No one would have."

This happens all the time. Coaches get poached regardless of being in college ranks or the NFL. This lawsuit was simply done to humiliate Kiffin...whatever. It says more about them then it does about Kiffin. This is the same owner who stuck it to his home town by moving the team to Nashville and who drafted Houston's favorite son Vince Young to stick it to them again...age has nothing to do with maturity.

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Here is the L.A. Times take on the Pac-10's new marketing effort...

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CFN details USC for 2010..



Depth Chart

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From the whatever makes you feel better department...

Executive director Steve Richardson said the FWAA will decide before the start of the season whether to strip USC of its 2004 national championship and give it to Auburn.

"This is unprecedented, but it's an unprecedented situation," Richardson told the Mobile Press-Register.

Oklahoma edged Auburn in the Bowl Championship Series standings to earn a shot against USC, then was routed by the Trojans, 55-19, in the title game. Auburn completed a 13-0 season by defeating Virginia Tech, 16-13, in the Sugar Bowl and finished No. 2 to USC in the BCS standings and polls.


I guess these championships aren't really worth the paper they are printed on. Any self-respecting Auburn would not accept this. They didn't play for it, even though they deserved to play in that game more than Oklahoma.

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Hurricane Seantrel leaves more damage in his wake. Looks like Ohio State made a few missteps in their recruitment of Seantrel Henderson.

The recruitment of offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson created a lot of paperwork for the Ohio State compliance office. The Buckeyes' chase of the highly-rated recruit led to the school reporting four secondary NCAA violations, most of which had nothing to do with the OSU coaching staff.