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Pac-10 Media Day overview...New York City


I want to to offer some quick observations of today's Pac-10 Media day even here in NYC. I need a day or so to transcribe the different interviews that I did so I won't offer up a lot of detail right now...

I have to give the Pac-10 a lot of credit...they openly embraced the new digital media out there. Bloggers were given the same access as the traditional media. At the table I was at I had Pete Thamel of the NYT. Stewart Mandel from, the writer form the New York Post, and one from the AP. ESPN's ted Miller showed up later...

I hung out with Yellow fever form CGB. We knew each other from Blogs with Balls that was in NYC back in June 2008. Great guy...we had a nice conversation.

Before the event began I spoke to Washington Coach Steve Sarkisian just outside the meeting room. Sark and I both went to high school in Torrance, CA. He went to West High, I went to South High and those schools are big rivals in the South Bay so there was some good natured ribbing... I asked him a few quick questions which I will address in another post. I also spoke to Sark's wife who went to Torrance high. She is very charming.

The set up:

The room was an average size room with about seven tables. Each table was attended by one coach on one side and his rival directly across from him.

Larry Scott:

The event started with the playing of the Pac-10's new branding video. This a pretty good piece of work...You can see the trailer here.

After the video, Pac-10 Commissioner Larry Scott took the podium and briefly discussed his vision of the Pac-10.

Scott plans to tell the Pac-10's story in a different way. He stated that the Pac-10 would go on to be the Pac-12 when Colorado and Utah are added next year. His view is all about brand and tradition. He plans to have a new energy, a new focus an plans to market the franchise more aggressively and in a new dynamic way. Scott played up the Pac-10's "tremendous academic achievement and athletic heritage".

Scott's comments were brief...

Then the coaches went to their assigned tables.

The Break Outs:

I got lucky, as Lane Kiffin sat right next to me, it was the only open seat on his side of the table. We exchanged introductions, I slipped him our site card while I explained who I was what I did with CC. Kiffin was affable and at ease. He handled the various questions within their parameters. He couldn't talk about the lawsuit but answered just abut anything else. You can tell he is itching to get on the field and focus on football and put the off season behind us all.

I sat next to Kiffin for about 30 minutes while the other members of the media and myself asked him various questions. Like I said he handled it well and has a very positive attitude about things going forward. Other media members moved on to interview other coaches but I hung with Kiffin. There was a point where it was just the two of us on our side of the table and I got the chance to tell him a little about myself and my history with USC and give him a little info about CC.

He was engaging and never lost eye was great.

Kiffin then did an on camera interview with

So, I circled the table and went to Rick Neuheisel who by this time was sitting alone....

That is all I will give you on this........for now.

The End:

As things were wrapping up I had a great conversation with Ted Miller. I said Hi and introduced my self earlier but he gave me a little more time at the end. He was affable an gave us some props for our work and participation on CC. He said he checks us out everyday. I then introduced myself to Pete Thamel...he was cool but it was clear he was under a deadline as was Andy Staples who only got to say Hi to.

The event started late but they had us out in just over an hour....but I got a lot done.

So that is it for I said I need a day or two to transcribe everything and I will post it all up.

This was a great experience and the Pac-10 was tremendous in accommodating us. I really have to tip my hat to them...