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USC News and Notes for 7/27/10

So what will happen today?

As was mentioned in the FanShots yesterday the negative recruiting isn't having the effect that our detractors are hoping for in this piece from Andy Staples.

Kent Turene knew he'd get a response from coaches of the other schools recruiting him when he committed to USC earlier this month. He just didn't expect that response to be so strong.

"They asked what I was thinking," said Turene, a linebacker from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., who joined dozens of other top prospects last weekend for the Champion Gridiron Kings seven-on-seven tournament. "They said I was a fool. It was crazy."

Turene estimates coaches from about 20 schools sent him e-mails or private messages on Facebook questioning his decision. It's a common refrain among the members of USC's class of 2011, which will enter the program as it deals with sanctions resulting from the Reggie Bush scandal (something that took place when USC's recruits were still in middle school).

The recruits' reactions are interesting, because they seem less bothered by the sanctions or the two-year bowl ban than just about anyone. Turene, for example, explained that he discussed the bowl ban with his parents, and they concluded that since it represented only one missed game in an entire college career, it shouldn't weigh heavily into Turene's decision.

It is simply amazing to see how one set of parents who don't have ulterior motives is able to discern the landscape in front of them unlike other recruits parents who are more interested in what they can get out out of their son's know like a rap music career.

There is still a buzz about USC. Even in the four years that the school endured the investigation they still hauled in some great recruiting classes. I see no reason for that not to continue...

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Brandon Carswell is NOT going to Cincinnati...

New rumor about a transfer that didn't happen. asked Brandon Carswell if he was staying at USC: "Yes I am."less than a minute ago via Facebook

Do you think our friends from across town will change their scorecard?

Mark Tyler addresses some rumors as well...

Marc Tyler addresses transfer rumors: "I'm not going anywhere." More on than a minute ago via Facebook

I guess Vidal Hazelton spoke too soon. Maybe Vidal's dad will stop by again and give us another diatribe.

And that is that...

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Here is the L.A. Times take on the Tennessee Titan lawsuit against USC/Lane Kiffin.

I really don't see this going forward. The speed at which this lawsuit was put forth and with some of the reasoning used as justification this looks more like a PR stunt than anything else. Sure, there is probably some case law out there that would justify this law suit but this is a kangaroo court that no upstanding jurist would allow it to go through...I don't care what state they are from.

The one thing that stands out is the Bienemy angle. How did Kiffin handle that? I have a hard time believing he would handle Pola one way and Bienemy another. We aren't hearing Minnesota cry foul about Kiffin bypassing the "customary protocol" before speaking with Bienemy. Also Kiffin did receive permision to talk to Pola earlier this year. What changed? Jeff Fischer was aware of the ongoing discussions between USC and Pola and Fischer pretty much gave Pola his blessing if he wanted to return home to USC.

It doesn't add up, Kiffin followed the rules in dealing with the Vikings/Bienemy but not Pola/Titans?

More questions than answers...

We have all heard the term that "a prosecutor could indict a ham sandwich". Well, it takes the same amount of effort to file a lawsuit...The real trick is actually seeing something like this through.

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Here is a nice write up on Mark Sanchez as he starts his second season with NY Jets...

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The Pac-10 Media tour kicks off in NYC this afternoon. I hope to be there but I am not sure how it is going to play out. The Pac-10 hasn't followed up on the original email that they sent out last week. I will be there but I am not sure if they will let me in. If I do get in I will try to provide updates if there is a way to do so...