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USC News and Notes for 7/26


Just some links to start the week.

Some of these are from Friday...

  • LenDale weighs in on Reggie's vanishing Heisman. If anyone has an opinion that is worth something on this it is LenDale White, after all he was the other part of the tandem.
  • Here is the Daily News and LA Times take on the hiring of Kennedy Pola.
  • The LAT's David Wharton offers his take on Pat Haden's hiring as USC's AD.
  • Tim Floyd takes 'high road' in reacting to Garrett's ouster.I think it is pretty safe to assume that Floyd just wants to move on and really doesn't want to pile on. The fact that it was never substantiated that Floyd passed Guillory a bag of cash is probably enough for FLoyd to let sleeping dogs lie.
  • Here is nice story on Chris Fischer and his dream job as he takes over for the late Rory Markas as the voice of USC basketball.
  • Sam Farmer of the LAT wonders if the NFL can do anything about the rogue agent issue that is all of a sudden in the spotlight...does the NFL even care?
  • Reign of Troy looks at the Pac-10's conference expansion. The university presidents are meet Friday to try and figure out how to divide the conferences.
  • Here is an interesting take from CGB on Pete Carroll's hiring in Seattle. I personally think it is cheap shot because all Carroll did was simply interview and accept the job. If the Seahawks didn't follow proper protocol that is on them...not Pete Carroll. I think Twist makes some decent points but his cheap shot of Carroll as the source of the Seahawks skirting the Rooney rule is BS...and its disappointing. Too bad...I lost a little respect for Twist on this one, but to each his own.
  • Here is another article calling out Nick Saban and his "pimp" comment. I think the term was unfortunate but I understand where Saban is coming from. It just seems a little self serving for Saban to be the point man on this when you consider his history of jumping jobs. Saban was not the first guy to bring this issue was Pete Carroll but because so many simply wanted to beleive that USC cheated the didn't see the forest through the trees. Now that another prominent coach brings it up people get religion...

We will have more later today.