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USC News and Notes for 7/22


Here are some news and notes from around the web from the couple of days...

  • Carswell to Cincinnati, Patterson to Colorado. This is not surprising...and not a bad thing. These guys were not going to get a ton of playing time this season especially with the three amigos coming in as freshmen. I wish both of these guys luck. They represented the school well!
  • Can Southern California Athletics Follow a New Path? That is the question being asked from the NYT. I think SC is making all the right moves for protecting their future. I think 'SC will make some more moves behind the scenes. SOmetimes you need to get your teeth kicked in order to see the light...
  • Bill Plaschke has a good take on Mike Garrett. I don't often agree with Plaschke but I think he does a decent job here. We must take a moment to thank Mike Garrett. Garrett had his flaws to be sure, but he is Trojan at heart. He always put the university first...even if it was to a fault. USC won a lot of championships under his stewardship and that cannot be diminished. He may not have always handled his personnel moves or media dealings correctly but you take the good with the bad. Sadly, the past few years while USC was under the scrutiny of the of the NCAA have tarnished garretts image more than a few bad firings did. I wanted to write more on this but I am ready to move on and Placshke sums it up nicely.
  • Here is some USC Baseball news. Nice to see USC Baseball get some nice signings.
  • Saints fans rally behind Reggie Bush. That's fine...They should support their players but many Saints really don't know the whole story about this whole sordid mess. I doubt any of them have read any of the COI's report to see just how guilty Reggie and his family were in all of this.
  • O.J. Mayo Comments On The USC Situation. You be the judge. Here is an accompanying YouTube interview.
  • Make sure you check out all of the coverage in the OCR, The Daily News and the LAT. There is a lot of stuff to read over this weeks events...both good and bad but too many to link up.
  • FInally, You'll love this one...Here is another person who lacks basic research skills. The problem here is that the OP buys into Wetzel's garbage about USC not cooperating without doing an basic is right there on Page 56 of the COI's report. USC met its obligations with regards to cooperating with the NCAA and they even said so. I get it that our rivals will love to take shots...I mean its not like they are relevant so anything to get their shots in.