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And The Party Won't Stop

You can add Georgia to a growing list of Southern schools that are being investigated by the NCAA for a lack of institutional control impermissible player-to-agent contact. Per Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated:

The NCAA has informed Georgia that it will come to campus to interview a football player or players in connection with the ongoing agent investigation that already prompted visits to North Carolina and South Carolina. Georgia athletic department spokesman Claude Felton confirmed early Wednesday evening that Georgia compliance officials received notification from the NCAA late Wednesday afternoon.

Felton said Georgia officials had promised the NCAA that no one would comment on the contents of the investigation. A source said one potential interview subject is junior receiver A.J. Green, but if enforcement officials plan to ask Green about the now-infamous party in Miami Beach, Fla., on Memorial Day weekend that prompted the inquiries at North Carolina and South Carolina and an internal investigation at Alabama, they won't learn much.

Reached by phone Tuesday night -- almost a day before the NCAA contacted Georgia -- Green told that he did not attend the party. Green, who is considered on of the nation's best receivers, said a Georgia compliance official asked him Tuesday if he attended the party. Green said he spent Memorial Day weekend at home in Summerville, S.C.

"I never went to South Beach," Green told

So a two-year bowl ban and a loss of 15 scholarships per season is the precedent, right? Hope the NCAA and Paul Dee are having fun.