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David Buehler Should Improve his Timing

Former USC placekicker David Buehler, who had one of the best looking mohawks during his college years, is now playing on Sundays for the Dallas Cowboys, which probably means he's one arrogant knucklehead nowadays. Hey, it comes with the territory. But at least when he was kicking field goals in the Coliseum, as opposed to Jerry Jones Field, he was our idiot. Now, I just find him rather obnoxious.

Earlier today, Buehler attempted to showcase his sense of humor on local ESPN Radio in Dallas:

"Hey, I wish I'd gotten some alumni money. I would have taken it in a heartbeat, but they don't pay the kickers out there - only running backs and the stud players. (laughter) I kind of sat on the sidelines; didn't really see too much money roll my way. (more laughter) ... Hey, I wish I was in his shoes, believe me."

I understand he's trying to be funny and we can't take it personally, but seriously, use better judgement. There is a time and a place to make these remarks, and it isn't on local radio a month following the NCAA's sanctioning of your old college program. I've always liked Buehler, but come on, this was simply stupid for a number of reasons.

For one, it promotes the idea that USC boosters/alumni were paying players. That has never been the case, but unfortunately, far too many people out there are under this impression. Secondly, it gives the Trojan haters out there in the national media another chance to take another pot shot at Lane Kiffin and company (I'm looking at you Clay Travis). Now, nearly five weeks removed from the initial NCAA report, it's time to get all the negativity out of the headlines, and instead, focus on the coming seasons. Such as the fact that four star wide receiver DeAnthony Arnett just committed to 'SC