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USC Football News and Notes for 7/16

So lets do some links!!

  • Matt Leinart voices his opinion about the NCAA's sanctions on the USC football program. Leinart sounds ambivalent to losing his records and stats. He is more disappointed for the kids currently in the program. He claims to still have a great relationship with Reggie. That is not for me to judge...those two went through a lot together on that team, their bonds were forged through some very crazy moments. I am not surprised that Leinart doesn't have a disparaging thing to say about Reggie over this. I will neither support or criticize him for it...only he knows and understands how he feels.
  • The OCR's Marcia Smith has a few choice words to say about Pete Caroll's book. I am not too concerned as Smith has never been credible in her praise of USC so I certainly won't give her any credit now that she wants to jump on the bash-USC bandwagon. This is what op-ed columnists do...stir the pot of controversy. I have not yet started the book so I really don't know what is in there yet. I really don't know what to expect...but I know this, it is easy to take pot shots at Pete Carroll right now so I won't give Smith a lot of credit for originality on is like killing an ant with a nuclear device.......kind of hard to miss.
  • I know we made note of this earlier in the week but the Orlando Sentinel has a great write-up on John Robinson and his induction to the College Football Hall of Fame. I really can't add anything to this. I am really happy for J-Rob...he deserves this accolade. He always represented USC well!
  • I had the chance to talk to Brian Cushing at Pete Carroll's book signing on Wednesday night. Cush was great! He was relaxed and is excited excited to get back into camp. He really enjoyed his first season. I met his dad and his coach, both were full of pride as they should be. I didn't discuss recent suspension but based on what I read this morning it looks like Cush is on the road back to redeeming his good name. These are things he needs to do. Call it starting over...he has to be an advocate. I see no reason why he can't rebuild his reputation.
  • There has been a lot of questions about the NCAA's transfer rules in light of the sanctions.'s Bryan Fischer adds a lot of clarity to it all...Schools can recruit players throughout this season and next! It is pretty clear that NCAA wants to dismantle the USC football program to rubble. the fact that schools can recruit players throughout the season who have two years or less of eligibility remaining is just insane. Now, mid year transfers really are not a concern because of academic issues...trying to get qualified mid semester has to be a nightmare. The bigger problem is the kids being hounded day in and day out...I think that is a terrible distraction. Practice, School work and then being hounded by suitors is a bit much.

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Later today I will post my pics at the Pete Carroll Book Signing.