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Irish Envy

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Sometimes I just shake my head in disbelief...

I can live with smack talk, I can live with the standard jabs that are thrown between rivals, new, old or imagined. It is all part of the game, but sometimes you read something that you have to call out as intellectually dishonest.

Look who shot his mouth off again...our old friend Tim Prister.

You know, the same Tim Prister of Irish Illustrated who took an off the record comment from Charlie Weis regarding Pete Carroll and published it.

This time Prister has some comments on Lane Kiffin but he seems to have a short memory when it comes to his past head coach (Weis) and his current head coach (Brian Kelly)...

Another tiff with Kiff: Every time Lane Kiffin opens his mouth - or, in this instance, texts - it's must-hear/must-read stuff. The new head coach of the USC Trojans was at it again this week when he texted Tennessee athletics director Mike Hamilton to see if the Vols would be interested in playing the Trojans in the 2011 Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game in Atlanta.

I hear you Tim...

You mean kind of like when Weis opened his mouth...the same Charlie Weis that said he would have a "deceided schematic advantage" when came to South Bend but NEVER was able to back it up?

A small side note Tim...Chick fil A approached the schools about it, not Kiffin. Kiffin didn't just make it up and pull this out of nowhere.

Then there is this...(emphasis mine)

It was Kiffin who ingloriously left Tennessee for an opportunity to coach the Trojans, where he served as a successful assistant coach under Pete Carroll before taking the head-coaching job with the Oakland Raiders and, eventually, the Vols. Kiffin was demonized in Knoxville for leaving the Vols in a lurch, and now, instead of leaving well enough alone, he has to take a poke at his old employer by approaching him about a little game of football.

Got it...

You mean like the way new Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly exited Cincinnati?

You know the same Brian Kelly who ingloriously left Cincinnati for an opportunity to coach the Irish, leaving on the eve of the most important game in school history. On the night of their football banquet? That just screams of class and dignity.

Let me guess...Kelly left for his dream job, right?

I love this kills two birds with one stone!

In today's ultra-competitive world of college football, I just can't imagine a head coach so lacking in character and tact developing into a long-term success on this level, particularly now that the sign of probation has marked USC. (Steve Spurrier's act is tame compared to Kiffin's.)

Sheesh...he makes it so easy!

Ultra competitive? That term is not synonymous with Notre Dame football of late so Prister might want to sit on the sidelines and watch the big boys play. Losing to Navy AT HOME twice is not competitive and I am big Navy fan but lets not get carried away.

Lacking Character? You mean like running with an off the record comment that the former head coach NEVER should have uttered? You mean that type of character? For this Prister is a scumbag of the first order. Prister is right about one thing in this passage...Kiffin played the SEC game of trash talk just like Spurrier did though I would disagree that Kiffin was was Spurrier that took that schtick to the NFL and he was quickly mocked and he ultimately failed.

The Trojans are still loaded with talent as our "First Rate" series continues to show that USC's personnel remains head and shoulders above the other teams on the Irish schedule. But it would be delicious to watch him and the program crash and burn, not because it's USC, but because Kiffin is so lacking in diplomacy and grace.

Yeah, I know how he feels...the difference is we actually saw it happen to ND first hand on Weis' watch. Guys like Prister so badly enabled Weis that they continued to blame Ty Willingham for all their woes. All that talent...all that failure.

Prister also tries to prop Tennessee up with regards to their 2001 schedule...

Trust me, Tennessee doesn't need any help from a guy whose program he writes about has put together one of the softest schedules year in and year out in recent history. I get it that with ND its all about the rivalry but until ND figures out how to beat Navy AT HOME, they really shouldn't pre-occupy themselves with SC.

Kiffin may lack diplomacy and grace in Prister's eyes but he better put that clown Weis in the same sentence when he dares to discuss it.

Damn, it must suck to be unencumbered by self-awareness.

What's the difference between sociopaths and Irish fans?

Hard to tell...