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Glen Stanley Headed to FSU?

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I got wind of this last week but I sat on it because I could not confirm it.

If true this would mean one and possibly two USC recruits from the class of 2010 would choose to be elsewhere.

From our friends at Tomahawk Nation...

While everyone in Los Angeles was so preoccupied with the NCAA sanctions and the potential loss of recruit Sentreal Henderson, it seems the Trojan fans and media had forgotten about Glen Stanley. Who?

I would disagree with the premise that 'SC fans "forgot" about Glen Stanley. There have been more than a few discussions about Stanley on both the free and Premium USC sites.

I can assure the FSU faithful that MANY USC fans were concerned about Stanley's status.

Like I said I could not verify this outside the original source and I gave my word to that source not to divulge it. Stanley's status with USC does matter to me but not more than keeping my word so I don't mind being late on this. But, I am adamant about one thing when it comes to USC's recruits...if you have any doubt about coming to USC for ANY reason then don't come. Go elsewhere and find your happiness somewhere else.

The only other person wavering is Henderson...the same goes for him. If you aren't sure then you shouldn't be here. This is a big boy program...even more so under the current situation.

The 2010 USC recruiting class if you haven't noticed has taken on an us against the world attitude. The sanctions handed down did not deter those who chose to stay. That means something and those guys will always have a special place in my eyes for sticking together in the tough times.

So, I am not really upset if Stanley wants to go. He is a player at a position of need but not at the expense of harming team chemistry for this special group of players who chose to stay.

We wish Stanley well and hope he has a great career wherever he ends up.

A quick note on Seantrell Henderson...

If he is coming then it better be soon. His wavering will not endear him to this recruiting class, these guys are already acting like hardened veterans. No one player is bigger than a class or the program as a whole in their eyes. I don't care how good Henderson is, an offensive lineman should not be a drama queen, it is pretty clear that his head is not in the right place on this. If he doesn't want to come to USC then fine, make the break. If he is worried about the ramifications because he signed his LOI then that's too bad, that is a him problem not a me problem. He knew what he was getting into before he signed his was no secret that the sanctions that were handed down could happen. He had plenty of opportunity to evaluate the situation...more than most recruits usually get with the extra time he took.

Simply stated, he gave his word when he signed the LOI, USC is under no obligation to release him. If he chooses not to honor his word then fine but 'SC will not make it easy for him to just back out of his commitment.

Time to be a man Seantrell...time to make a decision, if you choose to come to 'SC then great, you will have a million people backing you up and supporting you, but after what USC fans have recently endured with Reggie Bush that support does and will not come easily.