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[Update] ESPN: USC to Receive Two-Year Bowl Ban, Loss of 20 Scholarships

Earlier tonight, ESPN college football reporter Bruce Feldman posted the following on his twitter account regarding the pending NCAA sanctions involving USC.

USC has been hit with a two-year post-season ban in addition to the loss of scholarships, among other penalties from the NCAA.

An announcement is expected from the NCAA and USC is tomorrow. As usual, we'll keep you all posted as things develop.

Update #1: The LA Times is reporting a similar story, but apparently, the Trojans will also lose 20 scholarships.

A two-year bowl ban and a loss of more than 20 football scholarships are among the sanctions that the NCAA has dealt USC, a source with knowledge of the situation said Wednesday.

The NCAA, the governing body for collegiate sports, informed USC of its decision after a four-year investigation regarding allegations centered on former football player Reggie Bush and former basketball player O.J. Mayo. The NCAA could make its decision public as early as today.

USC officials would not confirm that the school had received the NCAA's report.

More appropriate now then ever...

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