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Another Anonymous "Source" Gives Tentative Date for Announcement of Sanctions

<strong>Announcement Pending</strong>: Some sources, including Annenberg T.V. News, believe NCAA sanctions regarding USC's football and basketball programs could be released this week.
Announcement Pending: Some sources, including Annenberg T.V. News, believe NCAA sanctions regarding USC's football and basketball programs could be released this week.

Once again, it seems as if some media outlet, relying upon its "sources," is throwing out a possible date for the announcement regarding the NCAA sanctioning of USC. This time around it's USC's student-run television station - Annenberg T.V. News.

A source within USC's athletic department said Tuesday the NCAA sanctions on the school's football and basketball programs could be announced this week.

The source, who wished to remain anonymous, said a player on USC's football team had given him knowledge that the NCAA's report will be coming in the next two days.

The player reportedly said penalties will likely include disqualification from bowl eligibility for the coming season and loss of several scholarships. Past awards, including multiple Heisman trophies, would not be revoked, and USC would retain its 2004 NCAA National Championship.

The brunt of the NCAA's penalties would likely fall on the basketball team, said the source, despite the school's self-imposed sanctions on the team during the early part of last season.

Joe Schad of ESPN says USC will have a press conference tomorrow. ATVN says an announcement will either come Thursday or Friday. Honestly, do they really know? Schad, as well as his colleague Dana O'Neill, have both been wrong before. Both had stated that an announcement was set to be made last Friday. Didn't happen.

Now ATVN, reports that sanctions could come this week on the basis of an unknown player and the fact that Tim Tessalone was in a meeting yesterday afternoon.

USC Sports Information Director Tim Tessalone was in a meeting Tuesday afternoon, which, if related to the NCAA sanctions, would suggest a Thursday announcement.

I'd be stunned if anybody on the football team, including Matt Barkley or any of the other captains, have any idea what is going with the whole investigation. Heck, I wonder how much even Kiffin knows. USC has been consistent throughout this entire process in keeping most of the information away from the public and particularly the teams. So how would a football player have any idea if the basketball program is going to be severely punished? The dots just don't connect. Even if he did know, wouldn't the information have been leaked by now anyway?

Furthermore, the statement regarding Tessalone is mind-blowing. Of course, the school's sports information director is going to be in meetings. Do we know what that meeting is about? No. Is it about the sanctions? Possibly. Do we know for sure? Is that even a question?

With all the ruckus surrounding conference expansion and the NCAA sanctions, speculation seems to be at an all-time high. ATVN may be right. They may be wrong too. Wake up when the press conference actually starts.