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The Real Difference between USC and UCLA Players

In the midst of February's signing day press conference, Lane Kiffin told the media that there remains a stark difference between guys who want to play for the Trojans and those who choose to play at UCLA instead.

The boyish looking Kiffin even went as far to note that such a difference became apparent within just the first few moments of meeting a player.

"We know within the first 10 minutes," Kiffin said, "whether they're the type of guys that want to play here or there."

Little did we know then what particular qualities Kiffin had in mind, but, according to recent events, one of them is apparently T.V. savviness.

Yes, if you scroll to he 2:00 minute mark of the video below, Kristofer O'Dowd's favorite television show is Arrested Development - the most unappreciated, comedically brilliant, best written show to ever appear on television. The cast of Jason Bateman, David Cross, and Jeffrey Tambor, was absolutely fantastic. Its director Mitchell Hurwitz remains a genius as well. I really could go on-and-on, but I'd also like most of you to visit this USC-eccentric site again sometime in the future.

So, I'll leave it at that.

But seriously, his favorite show is Arrested Development. How awesome is that. We should be best friends.