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[Update] Seantrel Henderson's Future with USC in Question

Heralded left tackle recruit Seatrel Henderson appears to be wavering yet again. (Photo Credit: Trojan Empire)
Heralded left tackle recruit Seatrel Henderson appears to be wavering yet again. (Photo Credit: Trojan Empire)

Well, the biggest recruiting prima donna since Terrelle Pryor still can't seem to make up his mind. Yes, we're talking about offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson (again). The same Seantrel Henderson who decided to wait until March before signing with the Trojans because of uncertainty surrounding the NCAA's investigation of USC. Well, I guess the waiting helped a lot.

Now, in the wake of the NCAA's sanctioning of USC resulting in a loss of a 30 scholarships over 3 yeas and a 2-year bowl ban, Henderson is reportedly considering playing college ball elsewhere. From sources within the USC athletic department, Henderson is seriously contemplating the possibility of not enrolling at USC in the fall and enrolling at a prep school instead. According to ESPN's Bruce Feldman, his wavering, as a result, is being taken rather seriously by the entire coaching staff.

Monday, Lane Kiffin and 3 assistants flew to Minnesota to make sure OT recruit Seantrel Henderson is still coming to USC. We'll see.

If Kiffin is leaving for Minnesota to keep Henderson on track toward attending USC, than it appears rather likely that Henderson is in fact serious in exploring other options, especially after he didn't show up as scheduled for a university orientation program last week.

The bigger question surrounding the recruitment of Henderson at this point in time is whether Kiffin should actually be this active in pursuing the 6'8" lineman anyway. Sure, he's big, talented, and can make an instant impact when inserted into a game situation.

But something doesn't feel quite right.

Maybe, it's just me, but with his constant wavering and overly involved father, there are some questions as to whether he may be the best fit for USC right now. There are certainly some similarities between Seantrel's father and Lamar Griffen. Yes, another father micro-managing his son's career. I'm not accusing the elder Henderson of anything improper ala Griffen, and granted, I don't know a lot of the details of his relationship with his son, but this whole situation makes me feel a tad bit uncomfortable.

Nobody would call this a normal process for any recruit.

In turn, maybe, it's just time Kiffin sends Seantrel on his way. In all reality, we don't need any more added drama around these parts nowadays even if they are a Heisman Trophy winner.

Update #1 - College Football Talk

Playing in a pro-am basketball league Tuesday night, Henderson was asked about his status with USC.

I don't want to talk about that," Henderson said according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Henderson is apparently put off by the fact that, during the recruiting process, Kiffin told him that there would be no serious penalties placed on the Trojans.
Nothing too mind-blowing, but you have to question the kid's maturity. Everybody was surprised by the severity of the NCAA sanctions. Seantrel needs to realize that. It's not as if Kiffin knew what the NCAA findings were and went on telling recruits that they were insignificant. From talking to people within the athletic department, nobody knew what the NCAA was eventually was going to decide. We were all surprised, even Kiffin.