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Reggie Bush looks to rehabilitate his image with USC fans

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WOW! You can't make this stuff up!

From Reggie's Twitter stream...

My focus now is to continue to work hard, restore my relationship with USC fans and the university, and to help the Saints REPEAT!

Let me just say this...NOT. HAPPENING!

I was obviously disappointed & disagree w/ the NCAA report that was released! We will fight this thing to end and plan to win the appeal!

We? Who is we? 'SC is on its own Reggie, thanks for playing though...

And then my personal favorite!

There's a lot of untold truth & fabricated lies 2 this matter but God works in mys terious ways & we will all grow stronger from this!

Really? Again who is we?

Well Reggie, we're waiting. Now is as good a time as any to set the record stright.

And when given the chance he still jukes and jibes and doesn't come clean...

Bush didn't admit any specific wrongdoing, repeatedly claiming that he wasn't able to get into specific details as he talked for about 10 minutes. He did say that it's his responsibility to deal with now, though, and he admitted that he was devastated that he brought this on his beloved USC.

And what little he does say only rubs salt in the wound...

"For the people who say ... well I've heard people say that I don't really care about this too much and I just brush it off my shoulders. Those people don't know me. Because this thing regarding USC and the NCAA is to me the closest thing to death without dying," Bush said in his opening statement. "Because I have such a great love and respect for the University of (Southern) California, this has been one of the toughest things I've had to deal with in my life. But at the same time whether it's all true or all wrong or whether we're guilty or not guilty, it's still my responsibility and I have to accept that. And I have to deal with it as it is and try to manage it as best as I can. With that, we plan to aid USC as much as possible in the appeal with the NCAA. I'm gonna do everything I can to make it right, to make it better, and that's really all I can do.

I guess Reggie didn't get the message...he is permanently banned from USC. He will help 'SC as much as OJ was out looking for the real killers before finally going to the pokey.

With friends like Reggie...

Look, this is all well and good but the fact is it is too little too late.

Spare me...this all to protect his endorsements. The whole contrition thing is a ruse.

We know that Reggie's step dad was at the root of all of this. I even gave Reggie a pass in the beginning because I knew that no kid could rat out his parents, but a lot of time has passed and USC is on the hook for his parents actions.

This could have been addressed years ago...

Reggie could have stepped up and fell on his sword to protect USC instead of hiding behind some bogus extortion claim. A claim that was never substantiated. All he had to do was tell the matter how difficult or embarrassing it is or would have been.

I have said numerous times that I really did not care if they took Reggie's Heisman Trophy away. The award lost its luster a long time I hope they do take it. I hope Reggie gets to feel the same humiliation that many fans feel over last Thursday's announcement on the sanctions. Many of us stood by Reggie throughout all of this but now with all that has come out and with Reggie's continued silence we all see what Reggie does not...that the ice is slowly melting beneath his feet.

He has lost all of the good will and benefit of the doubt that many 'SC fans bestowed on him over the past 4 years.

Erase him from the record book, take away all his conference and national awards, because we really don't know when he was eligible, un-retire the jersey and let's move on.

The healing process for 'SC fans will be a long and arduous road. These sanctions are a modern day death penalty. USC will not be a national power for quite sometime, you're dreaming if you think anything different. The deck is stacked against us...all fallout of Reggie's family's greed.

I realize to some that this will not be a popular stance to take, but many if not all of us hold the institution in a much higher regard than what the Bush clan does...

Players come and go...the institution will always remain.

Reggie's words ring hollow to me.

I wish no ill will on anyone so, I wish him well, a lot more that he obviously wishes on SC. I hope he has great career. Because outside of that his college career is a distant memory. Reggie isn't kidding anyone...he doesn't care about 'SC and its loyal fan base otherwise he would have stood up and and taken his medicine like a man.

There is a reason why Reggie's disassociation from USC is permanent...even if you forgive you will never forget.