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BREAKING NEWS: Texas Declines Offer from Pac-10

For over the past week, it appeared imminent that with Nebraska's decision to bolt for the Big Ten that the Big XII would slowly begin to disintegrate, as Texas, along with its constituents, would head to the Pac-10 to create a 16-team super-conference. But according to multiple sources, and tweets I might add, it appears as if Texas is staying put in some form of a Big XII-lite. Per Andy Staples of

The University of Texas will stay in the Big 12, Texas just announced. 11 a.m. presser in Austin tomorrow.

Now, in true college football fashion the Pac-10 presently has eleven teams, the Big Ten has twelve teams, and the Big XII has ten teams. Go figure.

Make no mistake about it, however, this is simply a band-aid for Texas and company. Nebraska and Colorado saw the writing on the wall. With a Texas-eccentric league, there isn't much of a future for the Big XII. Granted, they'll remain intact, but how much longer will Iowa State and Baylor be able to hang on to Texas's coattails? I say tops of 5 years. It's just too top heavy.

But with the league intact, the Longhorns are able to pursue their own television network , earning possibly even more revenue than a Pac-16, while also gaining major PR points (hey, they saved the Big XII, right?). Plus, Texas gets a watered-down league with fewer teams to split revenue with. And they get to launch their own version of the Big Ten Network. If anything, DeLoss Dodds just earned himself a significant raise. In short, Texas is the winner here. The rich get richer in Big XII country. There isn't much more to say.

As for Larry Scott and the Pac-10 (this Big Ten impersonation with eleven teams in a dubbed ten-team league has to stop), things are still looking up. The league was proactive, aggressive, and nearly landed the biggest fish out there in Texas. There's nothing to frown at.

In the meanwhile, they reeled in Colorado, and appear likely to extend an invitation to Utah as well, bringing the total number of teams to twelve. Revenue for the league will increase. A T.V. network is imminent as well. A lot of good will come out this. The future still remains bright. Anybody miss Tom Hansen?