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World Cup Open Thread: England versus USA! USA! USA!

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Just in case anyone's interested and online, here's an open thread for the US - England game to be played this afternoon. The English feel confident that they can pick up a win, looking at the rather creaky nature of the US defense. On the other hand, the identity of the English keeper remains something of a game-time decision, and England's defense is nothing to write home about. This game could well be decided on midfield and attack play, and since both sides bring pace and - especially Rooney for England - aggression, there's a chance of a real barn-burner.

ESPN sets the odds of a US win at about 17%, which is probably fair, but just like every other sport, the game has to be won on the field.

Previews 0/jun/12/world-cup-2010-fabio-capello-england" target="_blank">here, here, and here.