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BCS Strips USC of 2005 Orange Bowl Victory

So this game never happened?
So this game never happened?

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, the BCS, in accordance with the NCAA's recent findings regarding USC's "lack of institutional control," has stripped USC of its Orange Bowl victory over Oklahoma that occurred in January of 2005 according to The Kansas City Star. Next on the agenda could be a decision on behalf of the BCS to strip the Trojans of their BCS National Championship for that season. But as of this point in time, that has yet to occur. Per the KC Star:

The BCS will vacate the Orange Bowl triumph, a 55-19 pasting of Oklahoma, a game in which quarterback Matt Leinart threw five touchdown passes.

BCS executive director Bill Hancock issued the statement:

"In accordance with the findings released today by the NCAA, the University of Southern California's 2005 Orange Bowl game victory has been vacated. We take the integrity of NCAA rules seriously. As a procedural matter, the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee (POC) must meet to formally consider vacating USC's championship title and the game records. If the POC takes such action, there would be no BCS champion for the 2004-05 season. The POC will meet shortly to discuss this matter.

"In light of USC's statement that it intends to appeal, we want to make it clear that no action will go into effect until the appeal is heard and decided by the NCAA."

As Paragon and I have both stated on multiple occasions, we really don't care if the BCS or the NCAA wants to strip USC of wins. We all saw the games. We all know what happened. No matter what occurs from here on out, the score will always remain 55-19. That isn't going to change. I have the DVD of the game at home. It's still going to show the touchdown passes, the breathtaking runs, and bone-crunching tackles. Granted, it won't be "official" anymore, but at the end, it's largely irrelevant.

Fight On!

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