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Basketball Program Avoids Further Sanctions

Lost in all the discussion regarding the football program's 2-year bowl ban and loss of 30 scholarships over three years, is the fact that the NCAA has accepted the basketball program's self-sanctions from last January. As a result, the program, led by head coach Kevin O'Neill, will not be sanctioned any further for previous violations stemming from payments made to O.J. Mayo from Rodney Guillory. In short, that means the Trojans will be eligible for the postseason in 2011 after being unable to partake in the Pac-10 Tournament, NIT, or NCAA Tournament last season.

Granted, I realize most of the USC fans on Conquest Chronicles and elsewhere in the blogosphere aren't overly concerned with the basketball side of the things, but this is certainly a positive step forward for Kevin O'Neill and company. Without being on probation or facing any more sanctions, the program can fully begin the rebuilding process after failing to bring in a substantial number of quality recruits the past two offseasons (2009 & 2008).

Things may appear bleak in regards to the football program for now, but there does appear to be some light peaking through the clouds across campus at Galen Center.

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