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Tweets from Troy: USC Players Responding via Twitter

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Thankfully, because of social media, primarily twitter, most fans are able to read a first hand account from USC players, as news of the NCAA findings on USC leaked Wednesday night. Here's what was said:

From incoming WR Markeith Ambles:

@Alexi_G yes im still goin to attend sc i dont care about two little bowl games even if that happens..... Lets go trojans we still goin 12-0

From Malcom Smith:

For real it's out of our hands but I'm praying that the things they are saying aren't true.

From Brandon Carswell:

@PedroMoura my first reaction was,that's turrible(Charles Barkley voice)

From Khaled Holmes:

Rough, but you gotta Fight On...

From Brice Butler:

Got the sanctions ppl... We still need those sellout crowds!!!

Now onto to some former players.

From TE Alex Holmes (2000-2004):

@maualuga58 NCAA is a joke of a committee.I dnt understand the purpose or reason of punishing players who had 0 to do with others actions

From LB Clay Matthews (2004-2008):

2 yr postseason ban n possibly 20 schollies gone!? We're gonna be playin w/ all walk-ons!! Wait wasn't I a walk-on!!?? lmao

Nothing groundbreaking, but interesting to take a look at regardless.