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Colin Cowherd: USC to Learn NCAA Fate Tomorrow

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This past weekend, ESPN's Dana O'Neill, citing an unnamed source, reported that the NCAA infractions committee would release its findings on its four-year investigation of the USC football program and basketball programs on Friday. Yet, Colin Cowherd, an ESPN radio personality, announced today that USC would be informed of the findings 48 hours before the public on Friday, which happens to be tomorrow - Wednesday. Here's the transcript via Sports By Brooks:

"USC will find out tomorrow their fate. USC has been told, and I've been told by a source, that USC will be given two days, 48 hours notice, damage control preparation. USC will know tomorrow."

Word will start leaking out once USC knows. That's the way it is because here's the way it'll happen: You got too many players, too many coaches, too many recruits, too many boosters.

They will find out, somebody will talk. It'll get out, that thing will spread like wildfire in 90 seconds. When it comes out Wednesday, tomorrow, it'll be all over the place. Fast! L.A.'s a gossip town to begin with (laughs), okay?

At this point, I'm done trying to figure out when this report will come out. Should I believe Cowherd? Should I listen to O'Neill? I really have no idea. I guess I'll just have to keep waiting.