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How much of a hit will Reggie Bush's Legacy take?

I haven't given this a lot of thought but it is obviously out there...and to be honest I really could not care less

From Dickie "hoops" Weiss at the NYDN...

The outcome, which will be forwarded to the NCAA executive committee for a final verdict, will go a long way in determining the kind of legacy Reggie Bush leaves in Heritage Hall, where his 2005 Heisman Trophy resides, along with those of Mike Garrett, O.J. Simpson, Charles White, Marcus Allen and Matt Leinart.

Bush was a game-breaking running back at USC, winning or sharing two national championships before leaving after the Trojans lost the BCS title game in 2006, his junior year.

He is also the central figure in an NCAA probe that has been going on ever since broke a story in 2006 that alleged Bush received in excess $300,000 in cash and other extra benefits prohibited by the NCAA that were provided by Lloyd Lake and Michael Micheals, two financiers of New Era Sports, a now-defunct marketing firm.

Blah, Blah Blah...I know this is more for the NYC market but we have heard the allegations all before.

Just like with the BCS possibly taking our title for the 2004 season I am not really sure that it matters.

If 'SC is hit hard because of Bush then I can see USC removing a lot of his presence at Heritage Hall as well as asking him to simply stay away from USC. There really would not be any reason to have him around, as his actions would be seen as damaging the program significantly.

I could care less about the Heisman as well. Charles Woodson kept his after he admitted to taking money so it real is a non-issue to me. I realize that just like the BCS title game the fact remains that I still have the memories of that season.

The alleged extra benefits didn't make Reggie run any faster or juke any differently...he was and still is a tremendous talent. So while many can't wait for the hammer to fall, and it probably will, whether or not Reggie's legacy is affected really is a non-issue to me. You can say the same for Pete Carroll as well. The past is the past, you can't take away my memories.

You can't go back in time and wipe it all away. We all saw it; it was a tremendous time in the history of USC football so it will never go away from me, there are too many great memories of a personal nature attached to those season for me not to erase them.

I am ready to move on and leave those memories in place, what the rest of the CFB world does with all of this is their problem...