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Michigan self sanctions their football program...whoop dee doo!

UPDATED: Ed. Note...I wrote the bulk of the piece in the morning and cleaned it up later so I missed this post over at Maize 'n Brew later in the day. Go read this piece! I think it is perfectly written and dead on...P

When this story broke this week I was wondering just what the responses would be from the obvious parts of the Internet.

I should have laid money down because I knew what the various responses would be...I would have cashed in!

I am ambivalent about the Michigan program as whole. They do have their history and I respect them in general but they are not generally on my radar. I respect many of their bloggers and I have enjoyed some good banter back and forth over the years so in general its all good but I was intrigued by something I read over at Maize 'n Brew.....

After more than 130 years, the University's football program is before the Committee on Infractions for the first time. The University admits the violations in fact occurred. The University is disappointed that its history of no major infractions cases in its football program has ended.

How Michigan runs or disciplines their program is no concern of mine but I understand the authors wish to have a clean program.

I really don't know all of the details that led to all of this because I didn't follow it, but some thought the self sanctions were a tad on light side, equating them to slap on the wrist. Again, I really have no opinion or care but the above quote to me is telling.

There is a bit of a pious tone there...

What do Michigan's sanctions (self imposed or otherwise) have to do with USC?

I could rehash this as the day is long but what's the point? The author obviously is disappointed that his football program is now on the NCAA's radar. I get that, but the following is even more mind boggling...

There will be icicles in Hades before USC can ever manage to type a sequence of letters and words that approximates those lines. To even have the school and program mentioned in the same breath with another program that has so blatantly and recklessly violated NCAA rules repeatedly and on such a large magnitude has been infuriating and insulting over the past several months.

I am not really sure what planet the author is on...



Really? And of course the author has the whole story right?

The author obviously wasn't paying attention or cared when 'SC self sanctioned their hoops program in January. That's fine if he wasn't paying attention, but the guy still needs to get his facts straight.

More important, does he not remember the Fab Five and the humiliation they brought to A2? Does he not remember their Final Four banner being taken down?

Did he feel the same righteous indignation then?

With Michigan's past history in regards to hoops I guess I am not getting where this guy is going in regards to USC? Once again another opinion is pushed forward without all of the facts being known. I have no problem with the Michigan faithful wanting their program to be run with the highest ethics possible. Most rational people would agree that there should be consequences for breaking the rules, but it is clear that in the authors attempt to protect his football team he seems to have forgotten about the past...

How about Charles Woodson?

Should we castigate all of the U of M for a player taking extra benefits while a member of the football team?

Is UM really that squeaky clean?

In their quest to bring their program back to prominence they hired a coach who bends (and breaks) the rules...and throws others under the bus as well when he caught. UM signed a deal with the devil and now they have the results. UCLA did the same thing when they hired a coach who was found guilty of over FIFTY recruiting violations and has an official letter of censure form the NCAA.

They'll get theirs because guys like that never is only a matter of time.

You mess with the snake you get bit!

I love it how many UCLA faithful attempt to close ranks with other fan bases in an attempt to go against USC.

I said the same thing about Oklahoma and Alabama...misery loves company.

Here is another gem this time from across town...

our hat tip goes out to Wolverines for holding their program and student athletes accountable, and behaving in a manner living up to the standards of one of the most revered and respected universities in the country.

Right...I don't remember seeing anyone from UM grab their pitchforks demanding Woodson give his Heisman back after it was found out that he took money from an agent. I mean by the Heisman rules taking money would make Woodson ineligible right? Did they demand that they give their MNC Title back? Heck, Woodson denied he took money until he got in front of a grand jury then he came clean.

I could care less what Michigan may or may not be guilty they deal with this situation is their problem not ours. But to try to say that because they self sanctioned or self reported and then to say that the response is "measured" and that USC doesn't have the moral servitude to do it is laughable at best.

Your guy broke the rules, he got caught and you threw yourselves on the mercy of the NCAA court...jeez, man up and grow a pair. Self sanctioning doesn't make UM any less might take some of the NCAA sting away but the guilt remains.

USC will get theirs in due time. I have been more than open in saying that it is what it is, we get what we get. I won't make references to other schools infractions or try to justify anything. I will simply be happy that it is over.

Let me be clear. I like Dave over at Maize 'n Brew. We have had a number of great conversations on and off line. He can run his site as he sees fit and I have no beef with him...but I do take exception with one of his co-writers statements in regards to USC, especially when it looks like the author didn't do some basic research when trying to use a throw away line to try and make a point.

Like I said...misery loves company.