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USC could lose their 2004 BCS Title...should we care?

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A little known rule change in 2007 could cost USC their 2004 BCS Title if they are found culpable of any major violations when the NCAA finally make their findings known.

From USAToday...

If the NCAA deems Reggie Bush guilty, if it vacates victories in which Southern California's Heisman Trophy winner made an appearance five and six seasons ago, it appears likely the Trojans would lose their 2004 national championship, as well.

Quietly in early 2007, as the investigation into USC and alleged improprieties involving Bush and his family was unfolding, college football's Bowl Championship Series drew up a policy calling for teams' BCS appearances and BCS titles to be vacated when major rules violations subsequently are discovered and the institutions are sanctioned by the NCAA. Current BCS executive director Bill Hancock confirmed the provision Wednesday.

Hancock emphasized, "Nothing would happen until the very end of the NCAA process, including any appeals."

USC's wait for an NCAA verdict is approaching 13 weeks, the time since its hearing before the association's Committee on Infractions in February. The case involves the Trojans' football and men's basketball programs and allegations that Bush and his family and basketball star O.J. Mayo were the recipients of illicit extra benefits.

I am intrigued that the BCS did this "quietly".

I am actually fine with the rule change but like I said in the Cushing situation...make the change, take ownership of it and make it known.

Don't keep it quiet.

The Bush Mess started in 2006 (Mayo really has nothing to do with this aspect of the case) and so the BCS went ahead and changed the rule, but why be so quiet about it? Reasonable people would probably have no problem with it. If the Heisman Trust decided to take Bush's Heisman Trophy I would bet that that would generate an even smaller blip on the radar screen.To many the Heisman is an out dated insignificant award. The award is already tarnished in many peoples eyes...

There is a reason that it is called an "MNC"...we all know the two best teams didn't play in that game just like in the year before. It was great spectacle but it wasn't the best game that could have been played.

I could see where some would say that if USC was stripped of the title that that could be more humiliation to an already sad tale but I guess it really wouldn't bother me.

Like I have said before, you can't unring a bell. You can expunge it all from the record books or put an asterisk next to all the pertinent data but does it really matter?

You can't erase people's memories...

I saw the game...every time I watch it the score is still 55-19. I mean if I watch the game tonight and the score turns out to be something other than that same 55-19 that we all witnessed, then I guess I'll just have to think about it. Stripping the 2004 title from SC is more for the haters or the justice seekers. We all have our shirts, ticket stubs, banners and memories of that season. Simply trying to remove all evidence of it would be a hollow victory some and a waste of time for the rest of us.

Most important to me is time. Too much time has passed since that game. Too many other life experiences have happened in my life, too many other games have been played...I guess I just don't care. Pete Carroll is gone his legacy is in limbo to some, it is untouchable to others depending on the out come of the ruling.

Reggie Bush or his greedy family getting extra benefits didn't make him run any faster, it didn't make him juke or jive any better. You can't teach that gift anymore than you can pay for it.

So, if they take it fine...they can't erase my memories.