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USC's Bryshon Nellum: "I know I'm on the right track"

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I didn't want this story to get lost because I think it is an important one...

Bryshon Nellum is not a quitter!

Eighteen months after being shot in the legs Nellum is competing in this weekends Pac-10 Track and Field Championships.

This month, in his first individual race since the incident, Nellum covered 400 meters in 46.31 seconds, the third-fastest time in the Pacific 10 Conference this year. That performance qualified him for the conference championships Saturday and Sunday in Berkeley.

His time was well off his best of 45.38, run three years ago just after his senior year in high school, but Nellum said, "When I finished that race I was feeling good, I was feeling great, I was happy, I was just cheerful. … I know I'm on the right track."

After the shooting doctors told that he would probably never to be able to compete at this level ever again.

Nellum was obviously undeterred...

I don't know how the final chapter will turn out with Nellum at USC but you have to love this kids Grit. This isn't about USC, this about the human spirit. That he is a Trojan is icing on the cake.

Regardless of the program, this sort of perseverance is what make college athletics great!